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Top Quality Hairpieces for Men at The Hair Clinic

hair piecesHair pieces play a pivotal role in recreating a trendy look with a hot head of hair. We’ve all heard inspirational sayings such as “it’s what’s inside that counts”.  The truth is however, your hair & the way you look affects everything.  It affects how assertive you feel, the way you act, even perhaps how happy you are in general.

That’s where ultra natural hair pieces from the Hair Clinic’s human hair hair pieces for men come in.  Hair pieces add volume or replace a thinning area or even a bald spot.  They integrate seamlessly into your own hair.

Hair pieces boost your confidence especially if you want hair without undergoing expensive & often ineffective treatments.

If you’ve been embarrassed because your scalp shines though your hair under a spotlight or if it’s see through with a back light. If you’re uncomfortable because people stare at your bald head instead of looking you in the eye.  The Hair Clinic’s hair pieces are the answer.

Whether you opt for a human or synthetic hair piece, our talented men’s hairpiece specialists make sure that it’s perfectly matched to your hair.  A quality hair piece has to be virtually undetectable.  Your friends & co-workers will assume that you got a great new hairstylist that makes your hair look great!

The Hair Clinic hair pieces are truly liberating. You won’t have to worry about bad hair days anymore. You’ll forget about any loss of confidence that comes with aging & thinning hair.

There are many of types of hair pieces for men, and you’re better off seeking help from the professionals at The Hair Clinic. The most important part of getting a natural hair piece is to get in touch with a specialist at The Hair Clinic.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that ordering a hair piece online is easier because you’re too embarrassed to make your purchase in person.

Today’s Fashion Hairstyles require plenty of hair at the top – A quality hairpiece is the answer

Variables to Consider in a Hair Piece

You need to consider so many variables in order for a hair piece to match your hair. The construction of the base, the hair quality & the numbers of hairs per insertion are also important. It’s critical to choose the right hair density, the hair color, the base color & the front hairline material. Proper molding and resizing of your hair piece is critical for a perfect fit.  Professional hair integration and styling is what you need to make your hair piece look like your very own hair.

It’s truly very difficult for you to find a hairpiece that will look totally natural on you, even after having gone through hours and hours of research.

Matching a hair piece to your hair is truly a professional and onerous task that has to be left to the professionals.

Simply put, the reason you see so many guys with bad hair pieces is because of the many parameters needed to match a hairpiece properly.  The hair pieces you notice are the bad ones. You’ll never notice the good ones because they look so natural. They’re well fitted & well matched for color, density & integration.

How to Choose a Top Quality Hairpiece

hair pieces
Even famous people have a hard time finding good hairpieces

Unfortunately there are so many bad hair pieces out there.  There are several reasons for bad hair pieces:

  1. Bad Quality Hair. A hairpiece will look ratty, moppy & straw-like if the hair quality is bad. It’s important to get top quality hair.  The Hair Clinic hair pieces are made of top quality 100% Virgin Remy Indo-European Hair.
  2. Too Much Hair. Most hairpieces are stuffed with hair because the hair is cheap.  Even people with too much of their own look like they’re wearing a wig. Imagine how much worse it is when it actually is a wig or hairpiece.  The Hair Clinic hair pieces are available in 3 densities: Light Ultra Natural, Medium Natural & Heavy which we don’t recommend.
  3. Bad Hair Insertion. Low-quality hairpieces have 3 to 4 hairs or more implanted at a time.  If there are too many hairs per implantation, your hair will be difficult to style & won’t flow naturally.  The Hair Clinic hairpieces are implanted by hand one hair at a time, for the most natural looking hair.
  4. Bad Hair Unit Base Materials. There are so many bad quality hairpiece bases which make them easy to detect.  The Hair Clinic uses only the finest, sheerest top quality materials, for the most natural hairlines & hairstyles.
  5. Bad Fitting Hair Pieces: If the hairpiece is poorly molded & won’t fit you perfectly, you can forget about it ever looking natural.  The Hair Clinic uses precision molding techniques for a perfect fit. We spend a lot of time making the perfect mold to ensure a perfect hairline with a perfect fit.
  6. Bad Hair Cuts & Hairstyles are much more common than you think.  Your hair piece must be cut dry vertically, while most stylists cut hair wet horizontally. The Hair Clinic uses the latest dry cut geometric techniques. Our stylists make a series of progressive haircuts in order to achieve the final result.  We can take up to two hours to gradually cut your hairpiece in order to reach the perfect cut. We want to ensure that you get the hairstyle that suits you best!
  7. Bad Hair Integration is one of the most important factors to consider to avoid detection of your hairpiece.  Most hairpieces are full of long straggly hair all around.  That’s because most stylists have no idea how to cut a hairpiece properly.  The Hair Clinic uses the revolutionary Vertical Transposed Angle for integrating the unit to your hair.  This new cutting technique blends perfectly with your hair allowing up to 6 weeks of hair growth & still remaining undetectable.
  8. Bad Hair Care: Each growing hair on your head has a follicle producing oil & water in the form of sweat.  Your hairpiece hair is inherently dry since it’s cut off from the follicles producing oil & sweat. It’s terribly important that you moisturize & hydrate your hairpiece properly.  Even the best hair can turn to straw if you don’t take care of it properly.  The Hair Clinic supplies you with the best quality products to ensure the longevity & natural appearance of your hair system
Matching Your Hairpiece to your Own Hair

You have to match your hair piece for hair color, hair texture, hair density, highlights, low-lights, hair type & hair quality. You also need to match your hairpiece for percentage of grey, hair distribution and the direction of implantation. The hair piece must be properly fitted, adjusted and well secured onto your existing hair or scalp. The haircut is most important in order to ensure proper integration with your own hair, avoiding tell-tale lines of distinction.

There are so many other considerations that play a major role in making your hairpiece look natural.  These include the type of base suitable for your lifestyle and the type of attachment used. The shape and size of your hair piece are most crucial for a perfect fit & a natural front hairline. Finally, the hair insertion, hair direction as well as the knotting are also important.   Improper knotting or hair implantation can leave you struggling when styling your hair piece.

We’ve done all the research for you, studied many long hours and practiced the art of hair replacement for many years.  Many cheap hair pieces are now flooding the market with little or no quality control.  You can easily become the subject of ridicule simply by wearing a bad hairpiece or a so-called “rug”.

Finding the Right Hair Piece Made Just for You

The Hair Clinic has mastered the art & science of finding the perfect hair piece just for you! We have over 20 years’ experience in both human hairpieces and synthetic hairpieces. We make sure that your hairpiece fits you perfectly, transforming your look in a subtle but significant way.

You’ll leave The Hair Clinic with added confidence!  You can be sure that if people are staring at your hair, it’s simply because you & your hair look great!

We offer you many different types of hair pieces from monofilament to lace. We adapt our hairpieces to your lifestyle with a full range of attachments, from clip-on to fully bonded hair pieces.

Your new hair is cut utilizing our exclusive geometric techniques in the privacy of one of our 5 styling rooms.  You can be sure that your hair piece will be perfectly integrated & styled with the latest fashion hairstyles.

We carry a full range of top quality hairpieces for men. The Hair Clinic also creates extremely natural custom made hair pieces, with top quality sheer materials.  All Hair Clinic hair pieces are hand-grafted one hair at a time with 100% Indo-European Remy Human Hair.

All of our custom hair pieces are perfectly molded to the balding area of your scalp.  Your hair is matched for length, color, texture and wave. The hair is hand-grafted, one hair at a time to follow the angle, pattern and direction of implantation of your own hair.

The Hair Clinic is also proud to offer you the unique Non-Surgical Graft. This revolutionary new hair replacement method involves grafting 100% Human Hair, one hair at a time into “follicles” on a micro-thin, ultra-sheer polymer “skin”. This micro-porous new “skin” is then bonded to your scalp. Non-Surgical Grafts are fully watertight, allowing you to swim, shower and even go surfing.


$100 Discount on Hair replacement
$100 Discount Coupon on your first Non Surgical Hair System for men from The Hair Clinic

Hot Hair is so Cool but so is a $100 Discount Coupon on your first non-surgical Hair Restoration system for men from The Montreal Hair Replacement Center at The Hair Clinic on Crescent Street. We virtually give you back your hair !

During your appointment, you’ll get to meet a guy sporting one of our extraordinary Fusion Bonded Hair Replacement Units. You’ll be able to see, touch & feel for yourself how amazingly natural & totally undetectable The Montreal Hair Clinic’s Non Surgical Hair Systems for Men truly are.

You’ll also be able to feel the guy’s head & realize that there’s virtually nothing you can feel to give it away. A testimonial to the extraordinary quality of our hair replacement units, to the excellent execution in matching the client’s hair, to the perfect integration into the client’s hair as well as to the exquisitely natural front hairline of The Hair Clinic’s Non Surgical Hair Replacement Systems for Men .

Call 514.848.6185 for your free, absolutely no obligation, laid back hair consultation, & see for yourself what hair perfection looks like!


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