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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men

Hair Replacement for Men
Hair Loss slowly creeps up on you & before you know you’ve got a Bald Spot!

Hair Replacement for Men becomes crucial as hair loss slowly and insidiously creeps up on many unsuspecting men.  In the beginning, you’re not even sure that you’re losing your hair.  Yeah, you have some extra hair in the drain while you shower, or on your pillow when you get up in the morning, but after all, some hair shedding is normal, but how much is too much?

It’s normal to lose from 50 to 100 hairs a day, but it’s also normal to grow back another 50 to 100 hairs.  The problem is the hair’s not growing back like it should & over time the hair loss develops into thinning and worse yet balding.

In most cases, the hair doesn’t just fall out in one big clump – it’s a slow & gradual process.  Months or years down the road, somebody says to you callously & unwittingly the much dreaded words; “Hey, you’ve got a bald spot”.  There’s no practical way for you to gauge or measure for yourself whether your hair is thinning normally or at an alarmingly accelerated rate, although if your dad and uncles are bald, there’s a good chance that the same fate may befall you.

Hair Replacement for Men

At some point, the unfortunate realization that you’re losing your hair becomes inevitable: covering up your hair loss with creative hair styling isn’t going to work any longer, unless you want to sport a ridiculous comb-over like Donald Trump or shave your head completely.  People often notice if you’ve got thinning hair even if you to try to hide it by leaving your hair longer.  You can never really hide completely by teasing it, or sprinkling it with colored microfibers.  There’s two things going down the drain: your hair and often your self confidence.

You don’t have to feel powerless, The Hair Clinic offers you viable options in Hair Replacement for Men where you can have your cake and eat it too. Which is to say, we can virtually make your hair “grow back” – not with supplements, not with ointments, and especially not with laser pointer treatments, but with our leading edge hair replacement for men.  As you’ve probably found out the hard way, they don’t work at all, or their effects are very limited and the side effects just aren’t worth the trouble or the expense.

Hair Replacement for Men
Natural Hair Replacement for Men you can Live with & Love

If you obsess about your hair and get depressed about it to the point of getting paranoid about people looking at you, it’s probably time for a change. Hair loss affects one’s confidence enormously, and confidence is a big turn-on for men and women. If you have a love-hate relationship with your baseball cap, why not discard it entirely and try something new?

Leading edge Hair Replacement for Men at The Hair Clinic has absolutely nothing to do with the rugs of yesteryear. Technology has improved our lives in many ways – and hair replacement is no exception. Today’s materials combined with enhanced techniques mean that hairpieces are lighter and more natural than ever. Each Hair Replacement for Men is especially custom made to fit your head like a glove, with a natural density, a see-through cap, and beautiful hair that can be parted or styled in any hairstyle you want.

High Tech Fusion Bonding means you never need to worry about your hairpiece shifting or falling off as you sometimes see in music videos and funny commercials. However,  all the technological improvements in the world aren’t worth much without an experienced team that can put their skills to use in giving you an undetectable hairpiece.

It takes a very talented stylist specializing in hair replacement in order to integrate the hairpiece’s hair into your own hair in a way that won’t be visible, even upon close scrutiny.  It also takes a person with many years of experience to install the hair replacement unit properly and make sure that your hairpiece is bonded safely & securely, week after week, until it’s time to re-bond it (an average of every 3 to 5 weeks).

But don’t take a rash decision. Come to see us, and we will show you what cutting edge Hair Replacement for Men looks like and address any concerns you might have. It’s a very important decision – after all, your looks are so important and they determine how others will perceive you.

Hair Replacement for Men
Today’s Top Fashion Hairstyles require a full head of hair on top – Hair Replacement for Men gives you back the hair you lost

Men miss their old hair, and some of them get stuck in different states of the grieving process. They just can’t move on to acceptable. They started wearing a baseball cap or a beret wherever they go, keeping them on even in fancy restaurants. They also sometimes stubbornly stick with the hairstyle they had when they were 20, even though it makes their thinning hair look especially bad. How does one go bald gracefully? The answer is, one doesn’t and shouldn’t have to.

Apart from a few lucky fellows who are blessed with a perfectly shaped head and who look good shaved, men look and feel much more attractive, more virile, more confident with a full head of sexy hair.

Hair Replacement for Men at The Hair Clinic

The Hair Clinic can virtually reverse Hair Loss with cutting edge Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men!

Hair Replacement for Men at The Hair Clinic means that top fashion stylists spend up to two hours, cutting & styling your new hair to reach the perfect hairstyle best suited for you!

The vast majority of today’s Top Fashion Hairstyles require a full head of hair on top – Hair Replacement for Men at The Hair Clinic allows you to achieve any of the fashion hairstyles above.

The Hair Clinic helps you get your hair back virtually with a wide variety of top quality Hair Replacement for Men options including hair pieces, custom hairpieces, volume enhancers, hair integration units as well as ready made wigs & custom made wigs for men.

The Hair Clinic’s Non Surgical Hair Replacement Center has been offering the widest spectrum of hair replacement options for over 20 years.  Our highly trained congenial  men’s hair replacement specialists will guide you through the multitude of options available to you in quality hairpieces; all you have to do is choose the hairstyle you’ve been dreaming of & we take care of making you look your absolute best!

If you currently have a hair replacement system, but you’re not satisfied with its less than natural appearance, you’ll find that a private consultation at The Hair Replacement Center of The Hair Clinic is very enlightening, incredibly congenial, laid back & highly informative. You’ll quickly realize that the hair replacement systems offered at The Hair Clinic are very different & very much superior to those you’ve been used to elsewhere.

As someone suffering from hair loss, you might have been traumatized by sporting a less than natural hair replacement system, making it more difficult to participate fully in the social activities of your choice.

The experienced and thoughtful professionals at The Montreal Hair Clinic truly sympathize with what you’re going through.   You’ll be able to meet with someone just like you, wearing one of our exceptional hair replacement for men & see & feel the difference for yourself!

A consultation with the hair replacement professionals at The hair Clinic will provide you with the opportunity to explore all the options available in leading edge hair replacement technology.

There will be absolutely no pressure for you to take any decisions or make any purchases.  We’re simply here to inform you about the latest innovations in hair replacement.  There are many different options and alternative that are custom tailored for different lifestyles.

The choice of the right hairpiece for you may be daunting without the guidance of a true professional.

Many hair replacement centers have been working with the same old hairpiece model for all their customers, and doing it for many years.  At The Hair Clinic we travel around the world to learn about all the latest techniques and advances in the industry, constantly updating our knowledge and our products to offer you the absolute best in Hair Replacement for Men today.

Your Free no Obligation Consultation at The Hair Clinic

A consultation with the knowledgeable and highly experienced professionals at The Hair Clinic will provide you with the essential facts about what works and what doesn’t.

Whether you have alopecia, or advanced male pattern baldness, or just beginning to lose your hair, you’ll have the opportunity to see & feel for yourself the live results of the extraordinary advances in cutting edge Hair Replacement for Men.

During the private consultation, we’ll find out about your needs, your desires, your lifestyle and zero in on the fashion hairstyles you would most like to have.  We’ll discuss the different hair systems available on the market, as well as the method of attachment best suited for your lifestyle.  Most importantly, we’ll show you the difference quality makes and what we can do to help you restore your image and even maybe your self-esteem.

You’ll get to see & feel our superlative quality hair replacement units for men and compare them to your own if you already have one.  We’ll discuss the problems encountered with lesser quality hair systems such as itching, unnatural appearance, covered up hairline, poor quality hair & often way too much of it.

At The Hair Clinic we will absolutely not ever weasel you into any locked-in service contracts like other centers do, or pressure you into any commitments whatsoever.  Just imagine having a beautiful, sexy, virile head of hair with the latest fashion hairstyle of your choice.

At The Hair Clinic we work very hard to give you back the hair nature has taken away from you.

Call the professionals at The Center for Hair Replacement for Men from The Hair Clinic for your totally free, absolutely no obligation, laid back private consultation today!

Top Quality Hair Replacement at The Hair Clinic

Top Qualiyy Hair Restoration, Hair Replacement, & Hair Pieces at The Hair Clinic Montreal


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$100 Discount Coupon on your first Non Surgical Hair System for men from The Hair Clinic

Hot Hair is so Cool but so is a $100 Discount Coupon on your first non-surgical Hair Restoration system for men from The Montreal Hair Replacement Center at The Hair Clinic on Crescent Street. We virtually give you back your hair !

During your appointment, you’ll get to meet a guy sporting one of our extraordinary Fusion Bonded Hair Replacement Units. You’ll be able to see, touch & feel for yourself how amazingly natural & totally undetectable The Montreal Hair Clinic’s Non Surgical Hair Systems for Men truly are.

You’ll also be able to feel the guy’s head & realize that there’s virtually nothing you can feel to give it away. A testimonial to the extraordinary quality of our hair replacement units, to the excellent execution in matching the client’s hair, to the perfect integration into the client’s hair as well as to the exquisitely natural front hairline of The Hair Clinic’s Non Surgical Hair Replacement Systems for Men .

Call 514.848.6185 for your free, absolutely no obligation, laid back hair consultation, & see for yourself what hair perfection looks like!


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