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Hair Loss, Baldness, and Alopecia Treatment Alternatives at The Hair Clinic Montreal

Hair Loss, Baldness and Alopecia: Approaches to Treatment

Facts about Hair Loss, Baldness, and Alopecia: Causes and Treatment Options

The issue of hair loss has beleaguered mankind since the beginning of time. In our society a full head of hair is a symbol of great beauty in women and virility in men, and its absence never goes unnoticed. Throughout the ages, many have developed lotions and potions claiming to regrow hair, but alas to no avail.

Each day we lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs. Each falling hair is normally replaced by a growing hair in a daily cycle of hair renewal. Excessive hair loss, or Alopecia, affects around 40% of men by the age of 35, and 65% of men over 65 years of age. Statistics for hair loss are not well documented in women.

Three factors seem to be at the origin of hair loss : genetics, aging and male hormones or androgens. Men with hereditary hair loss have a genetic sensitivity to androgens. This type of hair loss called Male Pattern Baldness, or Alopecia Androgenetica, is responsible for 95% of hair loss in men.

Genetic sensitivity to androgens is also the most common cause of hair loss in women, resulting in Female Pattern Baldness. In most cases of hair loss in women, the androgen levels are normal. In rare cases, the androgen levels are elevated resulting in Male Pattern Baldness in women.

The Battleground

Male pattern baldness follows distinct recession patterns ranging from a receding hair line at the temples and/or crown, to a totally bald surface with but a strip of hair spanning from ear to ear. Female pattern baldness, on the other hand, is generally very diffuse, with a relatively strong hairline and no defined hairless area.

The hormonal fluctuations and changes of puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, as well as oral contraceptives, may be catalysts in initiating hair loss in women.

Alopecia Areata is a less common form of hair loss consisting of localized areas of patchy baldness. Alopecia Areata may spread to encompass the whole scalp becoming Alopecia Totalis. It begins at any age, and may even spread to all follicles from head to toe…becoming Alopecia Universalis. The causes for Alopecia remain a mystery, although genetics, and the immune system have been implicated, and stress is often related to its appearance.

The Root of the Evil

Hair loss can be caused by cancer chemotherapy, thyroid hormone abnormalities, and auto-immune diseases such as lupus. Childbirth, diabetes, secondary syphilis, and high fevers, along with severe infections may also result in hair loss.

Severe cases of malnutrition, strict diets or diets low in protein, some medications, iron and other vitamin deficiencies, as well as fungal or parasitic infections of the scalp may also be implicated in hair loss. Traction alopecia (trichotillomania), an obsessive-compulsive disorder of pulling one’s hair out, tight pony tails, braids or tight headgear may all cause loss of hair.

These types of hair loss are much less common than andro-genetic pattern baldness. Only a fraction of these can be resolved by treating the primary illness or deficiency implicated in the hair loss.

Hair dyes, perms, and bleaching may sometimes damage the hair shaft, causing breakage and hair loss, but they rarely affect the hair follicles or the rate of hair regrowth unless they are applied incorrectly.

Five Approaches to Treatment

The first line of defense is prescription medication. Physicians prescribe one of three active therapeutic agents, Rogaine™ (minoxidil), Propecia™  (finasteride) & Avodart™ (Dutasteride), each of which can begin to slow the rate of hair loss within three to four months of therapy. Propecia & Avodart act by limiting the effect of androgens, especially DHT (di-hydro-testosterone) at the level of the scalp; they may, however, have side effects such as loss of libido or more rarely impotence.  Rogaine acts mostly by stimulating the hair follicles and has fewer side effects. All three agents slow the rate of hair loss and may stimulate some hair regrowth.  They must be used for life in order to maintain their efficacy.

Lotions and Potions: Shampoos, lotions, vitamins and other over the counter remedies, as well as scalp massages, may slow the rate of hair loss temporarily. These treatments act either by replenishing vitamin deficiencies, or by stimulating the hair follicles, and reducing the concentration of androgens in the sebum within each hair follicle.  Other lotions act purely by cosmetic means, temporarily thickening hair shafts with a resinous coating, or by staining the scalp creating the illusion of a greater density of hair.  Other treatments such as electro-stimulation, or laser therapy have yet to demonstrate any efficacy whatsoever.

Surgical Alternatives: There are two major surgical methods currently available: Hair Transplants (Follicular Unit Micro-Grafting) and Scalp Reduction. The success of a hair transplant is dependent upon the size and extent of the balding area, as well as the hair density of the area from which the hair is taken(donor area). The larger the balding area, the lighter the density of the final transplant, and the greater the number of interventions required to achieve a cosmetically appealing density.  Scalp Reduction surgically removes balding portions of the scalp, and may be combined with micro-grafts to achieve optimal results.

Alternatives to Surgery: Non-Surgical Grafting is a method which permits micro-grafting while avoiding surgery. To do so, a polymer is applied to the balding areas of the scalp creating a fine layer of artificial skin. Hair is then non-surgically micro-grafted by hand into the depth of this new skin, with as much hair as is needed to achieve the desired density. This method is not limited by the surface area of the balding area, and does not require a donor area.  The major drawback of this unique & ultra natural hair replacement method is that though the hair looks completely natural, with a totally undetectable hairline, it doesn’t grow.

Hair Complements: There are several hair alternatives which can remediate hair loss resistant to treatment, or hair loss which is too advanced for surgical intervention.

There is a broad range of sophisticated hair replacement techniques which can fool the most discerning eye, including: hair integration systems, volume enhancers, volumising extensions, and second scalp hairpieces and wigs which mimic the appearance of hair growing from the scalp.

As always, prevention is the best defense; at first sign of excessive hair loss, the family physician should be consulted to rule out illness, or to prescribe hair growth stimulants.

The battle against hair loss is slowly and gradually being won with the advent of new treatments, as well as surgical & non-surgical grafting, and a wide range of ultra sophisticated hair replacement alternatives.

Non-Surgical Alternatives to Hair Loss, Baldness, and Alopecia

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Options for Men with Hair Loss
Hair Loss

If you’re looking for something simpler and more efficient than trying to grow your hair back, something fail-proof and with immediate results, The Hair Clinic’s non-surgical hair replacement techniques might be just you.

The Hair Clinic offers you many hair replacement methods such as human hairpieces, non-surgical hair grafts, hair volume enhancers, hair integration units, or even the follicular contact lens.

Hair Loss

Whether your hair is thinning or balding, we have the custom solution for you. Our talented and highly experienced staff will review your lifestyle and preferences and advise you on the best method to be used to give you the shiny, voluminous hair you’ve always dreamed of.

All our hairpieces are of the highest quality and quite undetectable. Hand Made Human hair pieces that allow you to part your hair in any way you choose.

Depending on personal preferences, The Hair Replacement Center at The Hair Clinic Montreal offers you hair systems you can sleep with, shower & swim with.

The best part of non-surgical hair replacement methods is that the whole process is completely painless.

Hair Loss

Our quality hair replacement units are comfortable and breathable, and our hair replacement volumizers blend right in with your own hair.

Our hair replacement clinic offers you an almost infinite variety of hair colors and styles to choose from, with the possibility of a custom hairpiece or customizing a ready to wear hairpiece according to your tastes and desires.

Hair LossYou can start enjoying life again with a full head of hair, you can regain your confidence and the bounce in your step and stop worrying. Our hairpieces will make you feel and look younger.

You can go from drab to fabulous in just a minute, no more bad hair days or hours spent with the hair dryer, hairspray, and volumizing hair treatments.

What our Montreal Hair Replacement Center offers you above all is convenience and the confidence that comes with shiny, glorious hair.

Hair LossSeveral technological innovations have recently been made in many domains, making our lives much easier.

The same goes for hair replacement, with amazing new technological innovations permitting an ultra natural head of hair, beautifully styled with the silkiest, shiniest human hair.


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