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Quality Custom Made Hairpieces for Men

Custom hairpieces for men

Custom hairpieces for men are an excellent alternative to hair loss, which is often perceived as more mortifying and life-changing than wrinkles or gaining weight. Hair loss signals that your youth may be fading, whether you’re 18 or 50 years old.  Millions of men suffer from male pattern baldness, which often starts with thinning hair at the top of the head or a recession of the hairline.

While there are plenty of celebrities who are balding and have shaved heads, not everyone can take the giant and oftentimes psychologically distressing step of shaving it all off. Not to mention that whenever a picture of a celebrity surfaces up, what people end up discussing not the actor’s career, but his looks, especially his hair.  Baldness shatters people’s confidence, dampens their natural joie de vivre, and keeps them from living a full, enriching life.

When leading a normal social life becomes stressful because you have to hide under a hat, when taking a shower is unpleasant because you hate to see the reflection in the mirror when you come out of it, it is time to make a change.  Nobody should be forced to go through life with a hideous comb-over that doesn’t really hide anything – and how can you look professional and attractive when you’re always sporting a baseball cap?

Hair loss treatments is no doubt big business, with hundreds of products for men claiming to make your hair grow back.  Some products are simply scientifically useless and won’t do anything to grow your hair back, although they definitely will empty your wallet.  There are vitamins and shampoos that may slow down the rate of hair loss, although there are no guarantees.  Some remedies may have some pretty disturbing side-effects, like negatively affecting your sex drive.

Hair transplants are truly only effective for smaller balding areas and may be painful,  and should only be considered when your hair loss has stabilized.  A solution that should be considered seriously because it actually works, giving you instant results is that of a custom hairpiece.  Custom hairpieces for men are an excellent option for thinning hair.  They give your hair a perfectly natural appearance, with a unlimited spectrum of fashion hairstyles, without pain and without surgery.

Although some companies like to pretend that “one size fits all”, the truth is that we all have different head shapes, different personalities, and different lifestyles.  There is no reason you should settle for an non customized ready-to-wear hairpiece when we can design one just for you that will fit your head like your own scalp, with precisely the density and texture that you want. Balding men certainly do not have identical size heads or hair patterns; nor do they experience similar male baldness patterns. No matter whether your thinning area is big or small, round or elongated, the Hair Clinic can design custom hairpieces for men that will be perfect for you.

Custom hairpieces for men

We will also advise you on the best attachment method according to your life style and expectations. There are several options available, but they all offer you complete freedom of movement. There’s nothing you won’t be able to do – swim, work out, or take a walk in a windy environment.

If you’d like to feel more confident and attractive, a custom hairpiece for men is the perfect solution that will make a lot of difference in your life psychologically and socially, without the need for pain or irreversible scarring. The whole world will notice the new spring in your step!

Whether you’ve already tried other alternatives for hair loss and other dissatisfied with the results  or are just starting out on the journey to “regrow” your hair, Custom hairpieces for men are really the best choice. Undetectable, easier to care for your than your own hair and conforming to your lifestyle whatever your lifestyle may be, a custom hairpiece allows you to live your life in confidence. You owe it to yourself to try out the Hair Clinic, where we take as much time as needed to make sure that your needs are met and that you are ecstatically happy with your new hair.

Hand Grafted Custom Hairpieces for Men

Custom hairpieces for men varying from mono filament, micro polymers and fine transparent lace are featured at The Hair Clinic Montreal.

The Montreal Hair Clinic specializes in custom hairpieces for men and custom wigs for men. We believe that each and every man or woman should feel beautiful, and our custom wigs & hairpieces will certainly make you feel that way.

Made with the finest quality 100% human hair, The Hair Clinic Montreal’s custom hairpieces for men are comfortable and will fit you like a second scalp, giving you the gorgeous full head of hair you’ve always wanted.

Our human hair pieces are created from scratch just for you. Our specially trained custom hairpieces for men technicians will precisely mould the balding area of your scalp & match it to your hair style, hair color, hair texture & percentage of gray.

With the help of the latest human custom hairpieces for men technology, Montreal’s Hair Clinic creates wigs & hairpieces in human hair that’s perfectly matched with your hair color and hairstyle.

Many options available and they’re all within your reach. We choose the base or cap of the hairpiece style you prefer, along with the hair length, of the human hairpiece. Custom hairpieces for men in human hair are just a phone call & visit away.

You have the choice between custom hairpieces for men that you will be able to keep on for several days, or a custom made wig that you can put on and take off as you please.

The Hair Clinic custom hairpieces for men are  made of the ultra high tech materials which allow you to keep your hairpiece on for prolonged periods of time and yet lets your scalp breathe! Lace hairpieces are also available for soft, stretchy comfort. The Hair Clinic’s goal is for the custom made hairpiece to be as natural looking as though it were your own luscious growing healthy hair.

Hair Clinic Montreal hair pieces are grafted with 100% human hair, one hair at a time onto the cap or base by hand, which gives the fool-proof appearance of growing hair, that will impress the harshest critics. Every hair appears to grow out of your scalp, and of course, you can part your hair in any direction you choose.

At The Hair Clinic in Montreal, we take our time to answer all your questions and concerns, and the consultation is free, with absolutely no obligation whatsoever.  Feel free to make an appointment for an introduction to the high tech world of to quality custom hairpieces for men, or drop by at any time to touch the lustrous, extra-soft 100% Human Indo-European Hair that we use in all our human hairpieces and feel the difference.

The Hair Clinic has over 20 years’ experience in converting your mental image of a perfect look for your hair into real hair, with a luxuriously soft custom made hairpiece.

Whatever your reason for wanting a custom made hairpiece, The Hair Clinic in Montreal is the only place you need to make the custom made hairpieces you’re looking for!  For the most natural looking human hair custom hairpieces for men, look no further than The Hair Clinic on Crescent Street in Montreal.

The Custom Hairpiece Center at The Hair Clinic in downtown Montreal is waiting for you!  Our highly qualified staff will be happy to meet you and give you all the information about hairpieces in human hair or synthetic hair, custom made just for you.

custom hairpieces for men

Choose The Hair Replacement Center of The Hair Clinic for the best quality custom hairpieces for men along with the most professional service.  We look forward to the pleasure of serving you!

Precision Crafted Custom Hairpieces at The Hair Clinic

Top Qualiyy Hair Restoration, Hair Replacement, & Hair Pieces at The Hair Clinic Montreal


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During your appointment, you’ll get to meet a guy sporting one of our extraordinary Fusion Bonded Hair Replacement Units. You’ll be able to see, touch & feel for yourself how amazingly natural & totally undetectable The Montreal Hair Clinic’s Non Surgical Hair Systems for Men truly are.

You’ll also be able to feel the guy’s head & realize that there’s virtually nothing you can feel to give it away. A testimonial to the extraordinary quality of our hair replacement units, to the excellent execution in matching the client’s hair, to the perfect integration into the client’s hair as well as to the exquisitely natural front hairline of The Hair Clinic’s Non Surgical Hair Replacement Systems for Men .

Call 514.848.6185 for your free, absolutely no obligation, laid back hair consultation, & see for yourself what hair perfection looks like!


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